Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Gray-eyed Soul of Random Thoughts Tuesday

Okay, so I’m officially a day late, and always a dollar short for Random Thoughts Tuesday. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. The photo is of distant, distant cousins back in the day. I have no idea who they are; if it’s you, drop me a line, cuz. A fun picture, none the none.

Kepted. I have a new word to share. As in, “She kepted the hamster in the living room.” I actually saw this word at work last night; the alleged writer was American, not an immigrant learning the language-then it wouldn’t be as funny.

Net/Net. I thought it was a myth, a stereotype, a punchline...and then I heard a company president, in a meeting, say, “Net/Net, this will enable us to blah blah blah.” Of course, in Tennis, net/net will cost you.

I picked up one of those birthday cards for someone born in 1957 which tell about the biggest events of their birth year (But of course, the Biggest Event was YOU!).
“Democratic Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina delivers a record breaking 24 hour, 18 minute filibuster in an unsuccessful attempt to derail passage of the Civil Rights Act.”
Despicable, Heinous, mullet-headed, and just plain wrong. I’m sure that the Democrats will not be celebrating THAT 50th anniversary next year. Remember how they attempted to string up Trent Lott a few years ago just for making a joke favorable of Strom Thurmond? I think part of it, besides the regular tear down any Republican as opportunity presents, was anger spurred on by shame-shame for the Democratic Party’s history of racism. By the way, for those of you who know mullets only as a hairstyle worn by “Joe Dirt” or as seen on “My Name is Earl” -“Mullet-headed” is in reference to the stupidest fish in the lakes.
I learned (not earned) that appellation while living in Missouri. In Michigan I learned that tourists are “Fudgies”. According to Richard Hooker, seasonal tourists in Maine are “The Summer Complaints”.

“In order to make things easier for the cops, in my brother’s drivers license photo he’s holding a beer.”
That, my friends, is a joke.
“Jimmy Carter backs President Bush on Port deal.”
This, my friends, isn’t. As the leader of the free world (Rush Limbaugh) put it:
“I know it doesn't help this idiot Jimmy Carter has just come out for this port deal. I mean, if Bush really wanted this, Jimmy Carter has just screwed it. Jimmy Carter's just blown this deal sky high by coming out and endorsing it. (Laughing.).” Now charges of racism are flying around: “Are you saying Muslims are all terrorists? Are you saying an Arab company maintaining our largest ports is going to be a National Security danger?”
No and Yes. No, not all Muslims are terrorists-even though, with the exception of Hil Clinton, all current terrorists on the world stage are Muslim. and Yes, I am saying that an Arab company maintaining our largest ports while we are at war with Terrorism worldwide is a National Security danger. For those of you playing along at home, I differ once again from the President on this. So should you.

I have always enjoyed music, and recently I bought a Frank Sinatra collection which opened my eyes to why he was so acclaimed as a singer. He really was great. With Nelson Riddle doing most of the arrangements, Classy becomes Classic-the collection is called Classic Sinatra, and if you see it, give it a listen.

I hope I haven’t kepted you from anything important-almost done.

Maw the French hillbilly was a settin’ on the porch of their shack when one of the young un’s ran up and handed her a package. She looked at it and said,
“You’ve made a mistake, son; this is faux pas.”

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