Monday, April 08, 2013

Arrivanoches, Roger

Well, they just couldn't let it go-the nutcase Wierdsboro {allegedly} Baptist churchers decided that
Roger Ebert needed a dishonor guard at his funeral.
I wasn't going to write about Ebert, as I wasn't a fan of his reviews or opinions. Sad that he died.
But the WBC crowd had to stink up the place with their hate spewing. They give Democrats a bad name.
In case anyone's thinking, "Wait a minuto, Doug! You just commented for the 18,000 time about homosexuals being sinners bound for hell-isn't that what the WBC believes?"
Allegedly. One major difference is that I try to follow the Bible:
"Bless your enemies. Be kind to those who hate you." That's a paraphrase, but you get the idea-Christians are called to pray for their enemies. Not shout and hold signs at solemn events where we were not invited.
If they were true Christians, rather than holding hateful placards at funerals, they would be in their church
praying for the Eberts of the world.
I'm not saying this now to boast, but to share a point:
in many ways, I oppose nearly all of the policies of President Obama. I think he is wrong about just about everything.
But I, as a Christian, and my church as a church body pray for President Obama, and for those in government under whom we live. Every Wednesday night my church meets for prayer; government officials, from President Obama down to the city level are listed and prayed for.
I pray for his salvation, that God will draw him to Himself and give him the faith to believe and be saved.
I pray that God will humble him and cause him to repent of his sins.
Would I ever picket a place, such as some Christians do at abortion clinic? I don't know. If I felt that God wanted me to do so, I would. He once had one of his prophets walk around naked to shame the Israelites
who needed shaming. I hope it doesn't come to that.
My point is: there's a distinction between Christians who try to live by God's teachings and those such as the Westboro crowd who only hate. You may not see  a difference, but for me it's there.


Doug said...

first blogged at Finer Dry Wit. share and share a lichen.

Doug said...

Just was reminded that Margaret Thatcher also passed away-I hope that her funeral is treated with more respect than Ebert's was shown by those Westburrido haters.

James said...

I'm surprised you don't like Ebert's reviews. He often reviewed films using a Christian moral framework: he's walked out of some films and was never reluctant to suggest that a film was morally repugnant. He was a good and kind man. If you believe that all goodness comes from God and that one needs only have the faith of a mustard seed, then I'm sure his eternal salvation is secure.

"Would I ever picket a place, such as some Christians do at abortion clinic?"

My parents, being dedicated Christians, have prayed in front of clinics ... not to voice hatred at those entering but because they believe that prayer works and they believe that God changes hearts. Perhaps it did. I'd suggest that there are even more effective ways of preventing abortion: there are groups like PDHC that provide free health care and support to single pregnant women.

Doug said...

James, if you really knew me, you wouldn't be surprised so often when I don't do or say what you assume a Christian would say or do. I'll leave Ebert's possible final destination up to God.
"I'd suggest that there are even more effective ways of preventing abortion"
Yeah, me too-don't have sex if you are not married.
Sound's kind of parochial in this day, but it works.
And I would suggest this for both sexes-it's not "just" a woman's issue-everyone/society would be better off if everyone exercised more self control and remained obstinate.
That's right-come to FDW for the jokes, and stay for the arguments.
Think about it-don't smoke and you will be richer/healthier...lots of people smoke and are broke and get cancer and then say, "Oh, why ME?"
Don't drink alcohol and your risk of becoming an alcoholic falls to near zero...and
much of our economy is based on the consumption of alcohol, sobriety is impossible for some, and they cry in spin dry and say, "Why me?"
Why not you? If you do things to your body which will impair your health and well being, it is your own fault.
If people continue to have sex outside of marriage, the abortion clinics will never run out of clients.
Self control. Sounds good-is impossible for many. Because our culture has attempted to wipe out all moral restrictions which in past generations helped to keep our egos in check. Knowing that something is wrong used to keep people from doing that wrong. Or at least being ashamed and repentant...when they were caught.
Now knowing that something is considered wrong by skinny necks like me seems to spur the immoralists to even greater acts of bad behavior. Just to prove that we Christians can't tell them how to live.
Christians aren't perfect; we have the same issues with bad behavior as anyone else, but being indwelt by God and living for Him in our imperfect way helps us to avoid some of the pitfalls that the world glories in.
Before you tell me that you know Joe and Sue Christian who had sex before marriage and all of that...I'm sure that you do. I did say 'living for Him in our imperfect way' and by that I mean that Christians do make some of the same mistakes that the world does. But I know that having a good strong morality set for us by God in His Word is a plus, not a minus.

Lucia said...

I'll leave Ebert's possible final destination up to God.

Why the sudden restraint?

Btw, I think you mean abstinent, or maybe continent, although obstinacy in the face of social pressure is sometimes admirable.