Tuesday, April 16, 2013


My hands aren't blue-I used my MacBook to snap the picture, and there it is.
E O D. Explosive Ordnance Disposal. They do the most dangerous work
to keep others safe. I have and wear this pin for a Marine who died doing just that.
What happened Monday in Boston is a terrible, horrible event which should never have happened.
I hope that President Obama is right when he said, "those responsible for the attacks in Boston would "feel the full weight of justice.".
I hope so. I know that it will happen when God judges those responsible. 
May God Bless Boston and those around the world who have been touched by this act of terror. 
And may God have no Mercy on those who did this.

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Doug said...

I didn't know this had happened until Midnight, as I was working and no one had mentioned it.
We'll know more soon, and then the arguments will begin.