Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Gully Foyle Is My Name

Not MY name, of course, but you get it.
Spring cleaning, aka not cleaning my home, getting sidetracked
every few minutes by re-discoveries, set me on a path that brought me here.
First, putting my DVDs in order, I discovered that I do still have "Firefly-the complete series" on Blu ray-thought it lost-which has nothing to do with this post.
Turning to the right, I viewed my mess of a bookcase. Rather than restoring order, I picked up an anthology of mysteries, one authored by Ray Bradbury-still nothing, postwise.
But Bradbury's bio mentioned Lewis Padgett, a pen name for Henry Kuttner and C.L. Moore, which led me back to the intra-nets to read up which mentioned in passing Alfred Bester, and here we are.
My perfect record of not having seen any/read any of the Harry Potter/sparkly vampire/Twilight books/ movies remains intact. I haven't been 'Twee" aged since the mid seventies.
But back in those days I did read quite a bit of SF; conversations about movies at Movie Morlocks recently sparked the idea that I wouldn't mind seeing Roger Zelazny's "Amber" series being given the big screen treatment-if childish magic and vamp love can generate sequels ad infi-boredum, why not spend the milobucks on something with teeth and meat?
Amber, with it's princes and princesses of Amber and Chaos, blood feuds and wars and all of that predates and is more expansive that George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones. It has teeth.
As does Alfred Bester's "The Stars My Destination" which for me is an allegory of the 1950's political landscape in the same way as 1956's "Invasion of the Body Snatchers".
It also rips up the rich (Hollywood's ears just perked up) and major corporations (Hollywood is cheering) in a way that would be quite cinematic-ally interesting.
More space opera than Sci Fi, I would enjoy also seeing E.E. "Doc" Smith's "Lensman" series in film. All of the "Star Wars" films to date would amount to about half of one book of "Triplanetary", the first in the series.
But now, in the mid-afternoon of my life, I imagine that more of what I'd like to see happen won't. Much of what I have seen I will see repeated. S'okay. Waiting for the Millennium. By then I should have my house clean.

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Doug said...

Two more authors who have works that would adapt quite well to the movies: Fredric Brown and Fritz Leiber. They have each had small successes on the big screen, but should be better represented.
Not holding breath.