Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Blessing Of Forgottenness

Musing about pain today, and how it is a blessing that each pain we feel, that is, physical pain, can end.
There are pains which do not go away, but I'm talking about the sometimes pains that do have an
expiration date, that don't stay with us forever.
Example-my young friends just had a baby, and it seemed that she carried the babe for just about a
year, though of course it was the regulation 9 months. That pain, and the birthing pain subside and are
A week ago (and I'm not comparing this with childbirth pain-just an example) I hurt myself kinda bad
overdoing physical labor at work. Pain lasted a few days, but now I'm tip top.
There IS a blessing in not storing aches and pains continually. I call that good design-God knows how much we can bear, and how frail our frame.
Looking at my right hand I can't hardly see the 15 stitches that once graced two fingers. That never actually
hurt much, but the point is that even the flesh forgets it's wounds eventually. Praise God for imperfect memory!


Doug said...

My friends with the baby-it was a long time that she carried her little boy. I would see her mother, the grand mum, and would simply question with thumbs up or thumbs down as to progress.
A baby is a Gift.

Douglas Quimby said...

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