Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sometimes You Fail...S'okay

Well. The neat thing about being fixed in time is we can only see a step or two ahead of us-I couldn't tell you
today what the weather will be like a decade from now. So we deal with what we have now.
 Star Wars was Great. The SW Holiday show? Not so much.
Too much Wookie, not enough Leia and Han. Ambivalent about the other guy and the roboty guys.
In this scene Leia is looking up at the stack of money she was getting to show up. The roboty
guy is mimicking her.
It doesn't always come down to money.
Laid off in January. Hired to do something else in March. The management is concerned
that I might be too old/out of shape to carry my part of the load come Summer. C-ya siesta time.
Back to the old job May 1st for a short term contract.
So-a good idea that didn't work out. S'okay. Whether I live in luxury or starve in a carboard box, God will take care of me, and once I am no longer fixed in time-once I get to Eternity with God, it won't matter what I did here in 2013. I'm already 100% more successful than that beeping trash can seen above. I still have a job.

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Doug said...

I think I could have succeeded at my work, but I continue to pray for God's guidance,
and as has been noted before by better Christians: waiting on the Lord is not passive. We do not sit in a chair and wait for instruction. We pray, make plans, pray some more, and wait by moving forward, working, and seeing what comes next.
In my case, I am going back to a job that I love, working with good people, and if it only lasts a few months, once more s'okay.