Saturday, April 06, 2013

He Who Hates Loses

On the surface, the signage above may seem to rip on Christians. Nope. It would be true if Christians, as a group, went about killing everyone that they consider enemies. We are more the peaceful type.
Here's what God set down on a mountain once: "Thou Shalt Not Kill". Pretty clear, right?
In the context of the commandment 'kill' means murder. We aren't to murder, take a life or lives unjustly. All through the Bible people are justifiably killed; God Himself knocked the stuffins out of  pagans, driving them out of the Promised Land to make room for Israel.
Scripture also tells us to be obedient to governments that we live under. If your government has a death penalty for crimes, that government is not murdering criminals, but is being just.
This is also why Christians join the rest of their countrymen in taking up arms in defense of their countries-if your government sends you to war, you are obedient to your government and go.
I wish the Muslims, who pay lip service to Jesus as a prophet while rejecting the idea that God could have a son-I wish that Muslims would take the sign above to heart. It would make for a better world.

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Doug said...

BY the bye-been a Christian for a long time and have never killed anyone. I put someone in the hospital once, but it probably saved his life. An old coot who refused to see a doctor even though he could barely walk-I fed him a Ham dinner on Thanksgiving
so loaded with sodium that he ended up hospitalized. They fixed the longterm ailment he had ignored, and a year later when I saw him I pointed at his feet and yelled, "Dance!" and he did a little jig.