Friday, April 12, 2013

Society's Dustbin

This post may not make a lot of sense, but bear with me for a few. Today I read a movie review
where a graveyard was offhandedly referred to as "Society's dustbin".
It isn't a trash repository. No one would decorate a garbage can. But often graveyards are beautiful, as if in hope that those whose remains remain will take cheer at their surroundings, their their visitors will more easily
consider their loved ones to be in Heaven because their dust and ashes reside in beauty.
I read that Jonathan Winters passed away today; his second best movie was "The Loved One" where he played the greedy hypocritical owner of a very high class graveyard. Now his remains will end up in one.
Where my body-turned-to-ashes will reside makes no difference to me-I may buy a plot near my family, but
would be just as pleased, sensing death near, to walk off into the woods and lay down under a tree.  
My view would be that of the picture above, titled "Fall Up" as it shows autumn still up in the trees from the underside. I've always liked how the shadows of leaves lay upon other leaves. That would be better than a headstone.

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Doug said...

Another possible reason for an Autumn picture-it's April, and we have snow on the ground. If the weather can't play nice by the calendar, why should I?