Friday, April 26, 2013

The Old Face Of Tolerance In America

The grumpy Gus above is the monster of Frankenstein as imagined by Edison's film production in 1910.
With a face like that selling oranges, what wouldn't buy apples?
Here's what's what: on Morlocks a telefilm of Frankenstein from the 1970's is being heralded for it's depiction of man's greatest triumph-eternal strife, I mean life.
Here's the tolerance thing.
The idea that MAN can somehow, even with stitching together spare parts and adding Gatorade succeed to
eternal life on HIS terms is eminently tolerable.
God plan for Salvation? Not so much.
So...rather than accept that God has a plan in place which could make Eternity quite comfy for would rather the above?
According to Christ:63“It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing; the words that I have spoken to you are spirit and are life." John 6:63
If the flesh profits nothing, it doesn't matter if Doc Frankenstein, Hannibal Lecter and the 1st Jubilant Quilters Society all worked together on a project-nada. Zilch would be accomplished, except possibly that the website for the Quilters might seem a bit...garish.
Mary Shelley didn't corner the marquis on this idea. Going along in a similar but similarly odd vein, Robert Heinlein once wrote a story where a dying rich man had his brain inserted into the body of his beautiful female assistant, whose brain had met some untowardly fate.
The rich man woke up. The lady woke up. They shared the body, and this story predated the Steve Martin movie "All Of Me" by at least a decade.
Consciousness in the flesh rather than the spirit? What a horrible thought, that we would continue to have our being in the leftovers buried or burned to ash.
But that would be more tolerable for most than the simple plan of Salvation offered by God.

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Doug said...

I might be getting too cute with he titles, but just remember how much you paid for the honor of reading these words. If it were any cheaper, I would owe YOU money.
Unrelated related knews-the second season of Star Trek TNG is coming out on Blu ray, which includes the episode "Measure of a Man" in which Data's selfhood is put on trial-is he a person? A machine owned by Star Fleet? An interesting episode.