Sunday, December 20, 2015

Calling All LIBERALS: Hey! You!

This one is short and semi-sweet. In the past, the Republican leadership has stuffed Candidates down our collective esophagi that we, the humble Conservative base, have disliked strongly.
John McCain, for example-the epitomite RINO.
So...Liberals-are you in the same boat? Do you feel as if your 'choices' are being made for you?
I skewed together the picture above since Hill and Bill looked similar-despite a lot of negatives,
Bill Clinton DID seem to be well loved by the humble Liberal base.
But Hillary?
But President Obama?
But...what's his name? Bernie?
To quote Bill, "I feel your pain."
We might get stuck with a Rino this time around, and then nobody wins.


Doug said...

It truly is a personality contest, this running for President.
But...we survived Franklin Pierce, so we shall survive this election.

Lucia said...

Well, to an extent our choices are always made for us. It takes a lot of money to run for president, so one must have lots of it oneself, or the ability to raise lots of it, or a billionaire in one's pocket. And political parties still have a lot of clout. If those two things weren't true, we might have more parties and/or more candidates. This year more Republicans than usual are running, but that's surely a small fraction of the number of people who might run (Joe the Plumber, Sarah Palin, Karl Rove, Jack van Impe, Clint Eastwood...) if the barriers were lower. Not all of them may want to be president, of course: Rove seems to enjoy playing evil genius, and van Impe clearly just wants your money. In any event, I'd be perfectly happy with either HRC or Bernie Sanders as president. Sanders is too old, too far left, and too much of a mensch to be a good nominee, that is a good fit for the job of running for president as opposed to that of being president. He's running to push HRC leftward and possibly for labor secretary.

(Americans have peculiarly binary minds. We like our issues and our politics packaged as exactly two mutually exclusive sides, yes or no, white or black, blue or red. We don't think about other colors. My favorite example of this was the discussion of bankruptcy reform. The media invariably presented it as "we should restore the stigma of bankruptcy so that people are more careful about taking on debt" versus "credit grantors should be more careful about whom they lend money." Never was a whisper heard that both propositions might be true, or partly true, or that other propositions might factor in as well.)

Doug said...

The enthusiasm for your choices is overwhelming.
Why JVI? How did he come to mind? Did he just happen to be on TV as you were writing your comment?
"Americans have peculiarly binary minds."
Mine is analog, thank you. I don't go through life accepting only 'either/or' propositions.
Familiar with cats, Lu?
Cats are incredibly self involved egotists. If a Mama cat has babies, she will take care of them until they are adult, and then that is it. If one of her adult children has babies, the first Mama cat would have no problem killing the children if she felt that doing so would profit her.
Hilclinton has been "drowning babies" so to speak-making certain in the past few years that no other upstart Democrat would have the desire/money/backing to run for president in 2016. I think she picked inoffensive uncle Bernie to run against so that she would seem more sensible, more 'middle of the road' to the independent voters.
I believe that she would make a horrible President, as she has been a horrible Sec/State, a horrible Senator (from a state where she has never lived) and a horrible wife.
I hope that she loses.