Sunday, December 13, 2015

Trouble In Clintonia

I must admit that my mind works in mysterious ways sometimes. The song kept going through my head-it's about a love affair that has ended, and I couldn't help but connect it with Hillary Clinton, whose 'base' seems to have moved on to friendlier pastures.
During one of the televised debates, Clinton tried to sway the crowd by saying, "Listen-everyone in this room, we all agree that Planned Parenthood must be funded!" ...and there was silence. She moved on quickly to another point, but it was obvious that she had expected thunderous applause for her rallying point, and there was nothing.
An election is by its very nature a 'popularity contest'.
She just isn't popular.

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Doug said...

Her catchphrase during the years when her husband was president was that every setback was the fault of a "vast right wing conspiracy".
It wasn't true then, and now, with her party in power for so long, she can't blame anyone but herself. But I expect her to try.