Sunday, December 27, 2015

Stupid Pope

I don't usually bother remonstrating with pagans, but Frankie has done it again.
Why would atheists WANT to go to Heaven?
That would be like me wanting to end up in Nirvana, the absolute state of peaceful nothingness.
All Popes are not created equal-some are less equal then others. Whatever happened to the good old Pope days when a sitting pontifficator would declare some of his predecessors  "Heretics"? At least they pretended to open and read the Bible every once in a while-this guy seems unfamilia.
(Yes, once more my sense of humor wins out. Get your own blog)
If you are still scratching your head, adding the prefix 'un' to 'familia' makes it a (clean) double entendre. Not only is he unfamiliar with the Scriptures, but he proves himself to be un-familia:
not part of the Family. I crack me up.

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Doug said...

Yeah, I know-impolite to call people stupid. Informationally challenged may have been kinder, but sometimes kinder isn't proper.
Frankie is supposed to be the Vicar of Christ on earth-so why would he disagree with Christ, who said that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and that no man comes to the Father except through Him?
According to Frankie, belief in Christ is not required to reach Heaven?