Friday, December 11, 2015

Slightly Tilted World

I looked ancient with the beard; that was nearly two years ago-I've changed some.
I've changed, the world has changed. Tilts a bit more now-you almost expect things to slide off of shelves.
Wouldn't be surprised to find a WORLD WAR commencing tut suite.
Over What? Over Why?
They say Kill
We say Don't Kill
They get Mad
And then the blood starts flowing.
Maybe you'll believe me a bit more
Next time you hear me say that
Man can't fix the problems Man creates.
When Christ returns-
don't mentally cover your ears this time!
When Christ returns,
there will be peace and no more war.
I'm going to live in that world, and if you've yearned for Peace,
if you've wished for a world without pain and hatred and sin...
you could live there, too.

1 comment:

Doug said...

Only a few of my friends will get this reference, but I think I look a bit like Waylon in the picture.