Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Don't Let Obama Jonah You

Brothers and sisters in Christ, you and I are in the same army- the Salvation Army, the one without the kettles.
Most (All?) of the actions of the present Presidential administration hit us wrong, make it seem as if President Obama is purposefully acting out just to spite us, our nation and the God we serve.
We don't like him.
But we are called to pray for those who hate us, to bless and NOT curse those who do as President Obama does.
We don't want to be Jonahs, running from God's command because we hate our enemy and do not want him/them to hear the message of Salvation.
Jonah hated Nineveh. He knew that God was merciful and that, if Jonah preached, Nineveh would repent. So he took a trolley.
Back to our king of Nineveh, President Obama.
We don't have to love him, like him or even look at him.
But we aren't allowed to Curse him-that is the province of God and believe me, if President Obama does not hear the Gospel and repent, there's going to be a whole lotta cursing goin' on, much more definitive than any paltry words we can cook up.
We honor God by respecting those in authority over us, which at this moment includes President Obama. Bitter, but true.
We honor God by praying not only for our loved ones, our families and friends...but also for those who hate us. Those who spitefully use us and kill us.
If you think I like writing this...nope. But we are strong enough to do what needs to be done, and to NOT do what we know we shouldn't. Most of the time.

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Doug said...

As is obvious, the picture is from the same set as the "Slightly tilted world" post a few days ago.
In this case I was stating some 'cold hard facts' much like the cold hard rocks in the picture.
Don't let Obama Jonah you.
Don't let him get you so angry that you forget that he is a sinner in need of Salvation. Leading a world in need of Salvation.
I've stated many times that I would love to see Heaven full and hell empty, even though I know that that is not the reality.
Maybe next time I can post some fun stuff again.