Monday, December 07, 2015

Well, That Doesn't Make Sense!

So, once more, President Obama is calling for stricter Gun Control laws.
Maybe we need stricter Drunk Driving laws, because it's nearly 2016 and
Maybe we need stricter Speeding Laws, because it's nearly 20116 and
If the Gun Control laws on the books don't make sense to you,
seem too weak simply because some people ignore those laws, 
maybe YOU are the one not making sense.
The problem isn't the Law, it's the LAWBREAKERS!

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Doug said...

I almost riffed on the Talking Heads concert film, "Stop Making Sense" but then I realized it isn't the 80's anymore.
But really now-the Lawbreakers don't care how many Laws you write. They aren't going to follow them anyway. Making it tougher for people to buy guns will work as well as Prohibition did in stopping people from drinking. Oh wait-what? They drank MORE? That gave power and influence to the lawbreakers who discovered that they could make a lot of money getting liquor into the country? Joe Kennedy made his pile rum running?
Yeah-it's called human nature.
I don't pretend to have all of the answers, but I know what doesn't work.