Monday, December 07, 2015

Last One For Awhile, I Promise!

I know, I know-for someone who doesn't want to post political stuff, I've been hitting on current events quite a bit which has included writing about President Obama.
This will be short and the opposite of sweet.
I think that President can I put this? Is being played, finessed by other world leaders-Putin, Iran, Egypt, etc.
I think that those other nations have done their homework, have psychologically profiled President Obama, measured and identified his every weakness...and are playing him like a pipe organ.

They get the results they want, all the while making him think that he is winning great victories.
The Iran nuclear deal, for example. We give away the store, stop all sanctions, allow them to go forward with their plans...and he thinks he's put it over on them.
Putin? Putin's playing Chess like a Grandmaster, and President Obama's sitting across the table thinking the game is checkers. And that he's winning. King ME!

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Doug said...

I really DO want to post about other stuff, but I've been mentally working on this for a while, and I needed to get it out.
Are Democrats still in love with President Obama? I doubt it-he's not very likable, and Dems have to live in the same future we do. Remember when your Grandkids are begging you for money because the country is broke that it was all Bush's fault. You can read all about in President Obama's next two autobiographies.