Monday, October 13, 2008

Am I Blue Or Red?

Quandary: I honestly don’t know who to support in this contest. The preliminaries are nearly over, and the Day is approaching. Am I Blue or Red?
As in: Dodger Blue or Red Sox Red? Here’s the deal:
I’ve been a Braves fan for years, and this season they under whelmed me to the point of not caring. I think it’s time for Bobby Cox to step out of the dugout and let someone younger manage the team. Some veteran players need to retire or move out of the way so that fresh talent has a chance.
Of the teams still in the hunt for the Championship, I have no affinity for the Phillies or the Rays. If they win, great, if not, ditto versa.
But should I cheer for the Dodgers or Sox? I like the Sox a lot. I like their teamwork, their toughness; Terry Francona has done an excellent job managing a very good team.
On the other hand is an outfielder’s glove, hand and glove belonging to Manny Ramirez. ‘Manny being Manny’ brought most of the flash and energy to Boston before Manny being Manny became unbearable. He’s got baseball talent dripping from his d-locks. And he may just carry the rest of the Dodgers (including two of my favorite former Braves, Andruw Jones and Rafael Furcal) to a World Championship.
Here’s the quixotic humor in baseball irony: the Red Sox were so willing to rid themselves of Manny Ramirez that they are paying his salary this year for the Dodgers. So Ramirez can beat his old team on their dime.
It may not happen, the teams are not yet set, and the Phillies and Rays may succeed. But I would love to see the Dodgers and Red Sox battling for W.S. pre-eminence.
With contemplation and in depth consideration, I think I want the Sox to win. Manny and the former Braves make cheering for L.A. tempting, but the Dodgers hired Joe Torre, and my distaste for all things Yankee is the decider. I am Red Sox Red. Play Ball!

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