Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Sour Giggles

The sour giggles, or: Obama Became President And All I Got Left Is This Lousy T-Shirt.

The heart of Socialism is class warfare: pitting them against us, us against them, and never Mark Twain shall I meet. I see class warfare as fraudulently, patently, False. It’s the Christian in me.
Why should I care if someone makes more money than I do? Why should I agitate against successful people? Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? “I’m mad at you because you have more!”
That is right up there with: “My life didn’t turn out the way I wanted! I’m unhappy, and you should be unhappy too!”
I’m a Christian; the more I learn about God, the less impressed I am with Man and his machinations.
Some have been blessed with wonderful gifts from God, such as a beautiful singing voice (Hi le!) or athletic ability, or even the gift of putting words in enough order to make sense when read. But we are all just men and women. We ARE equal!
George Clooney makes millions of dollars per movie. Chipper Jones won the National League Batting title.
Why should I envy either of these gentlemen their success? Because I can’t switch hit or open movies?
Because they make more money in a day than I will in a decade of work?
Money doesn’t impress me. I measure success as having become a Christian, one of God’s children. That matters. That is the most successful accomplishment possible, and any child presented with the Gospel,
moved by God’s Spirit can achieve it. I’m talking about success that carries over into eternity.
I’ve said it before: Bill Gates is rich in this world, but if he isn’t one of God’s children, he’s dirt poor living in rags.
Look at this snark put forth as a reason we should vote the Democrats in: Big Oil made money during the years of the Bush administration.
They made it during the Clinton years also. And all the previous eras. Duh. It’s a profitable industry, employing millions of people around the world, making possible for everyone from gas station attendants to CEOs to make a living. If I’m happy for the gas station attendants, why shouldn’t I be happy for the CEOs?

If I were to play the Democrat game, I should be envious of Barack Obama because he has made millions of dollars… for doing nothing more than pointing fingers and complaining about others. Talk about windfall profits!

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