Monday, October 27, 2008

How Barack Obama Lost The Election

I’m not a prophet, and God isn’t the one telling me about “The One”. I claim only the power of observation, with discernment and a bucket full of common sense, that lovely rain which doesn’t seem to fall on all peoples equally.
Eight days from now, common taters from pundits to dits will be declaiming about why Obama failed. I’m just among the early birds at this rummage sale; in the next week you will read this same post-mortem expressed elsewhere, though possibly not as colorfully.
Well, if I’m an early bird, on to the worms:
BHO lost the election before it was hardly begun. The brazen impunity of a half term Senator announcing that he intended to elbow his way to the head of the line was foolishness squared and cubed.
The nay-sayers stated that he lacked experience-his answer was to ignore the nay sayers.
BHO lost the election when it was discovered that his past was a closed book, locked in a box, hidden in the back of his closet, covered by fog.
The sanitized self pent persona meant to take its place is as false as Madonna’s Brit accent. Even those in his camp recognize a fake-they just don’t care.
BHO lost the election when he reneged on his promise to accept federal funds. On that day his campaign went from one willing to be constrained by funding limits all candidates had honored…to a bunco bank, printing money, becoming a behemoth of cash.
The McCain-Feingold Act was supposed to rid elections of all the ‘soft money’. Instead it sent the soft money underground, and many of the subversive cash subway trains stopped at the BHO Station.
BHO lost the election when he snubbed his competitor, Hillary Clinton. She has had much practice as ‘a woman scorned’ and, by excluding her, BHO has made an enemy with a long memory. A long memory and many faithful voters who would rather sit on their hands than help him get elected.
BHO lost the election when his third choice for Vice President said yes. Joe Biden is the anti-Hillary: where she has millions of fans, and was able to fill stadiums, Joe has a Senate staff and a constituency of faithful Bidenites from one of the smallest states in the union. If he were not on the Democratic ticket, Joe Biden couldn’t draw a crowd at a supermarket giving away pizza samples.
BHO lost the election every time he and Joe Biden have opened their mouths. They can’t even lie with grace. If BHO isn’t denigrating one segment of the populace to another more enlightened, intellectual segment, Senator Joe Biden is creating nightmare scenarios…starring BHO… out of the whole cloth of his limited imagination.
BHO lost the election because a personality cult does not a President make. By making it all about BHO and not about USA, he hasn’t given anyone reason to vote for him aside from his own wonderfulness. BHO is quite adept at pointing fingers and accusing others, making them look bad to make himself look better, but that’s not leadership. That’s a character flaw.
BHO lost the election by becoming George Bush. Not the actual President, but the oft-hated “W”, which sprung forth from the minds of Leftists everywhere:

Unwilling to listen to complaints about his team.
Unwilling to deviate from failed policies and ideologies.
Unwilling to admit to making mistakes.

You may quote me. Or you may not…but thank you for reading this far.

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