Saturday, October 11, 2008

No Glass Plane

I have to be very careful here. I originally was planning a quite different post. Remember the finest television program of the 1970’s: “Wonder Woman”? It was ridiculously cheesy, with thin plots, crummy dialogue, and horrendous costumes. And Lynda Carter.
Wonder Woman had one tool which I’ve always wanted: a ‘golden lasso’ which would force anyone entangled in it to tell the truth. There was no dissembling, no evasion possible- once you were ‘in the loop’ you couldn’t help but spill any beans you were hiding, metaphorically speaking.
So I thought: make a picture of Wonder Woman holding the lasso while Senator Obama bean spills.
I was going to have a series of questions for Obama, but asking you, the kind reader, to answer the questions as you think Obama would answer them. I wouldn’t put words in his mouth, but I thought that however you imagined his answers would be interesting,
Problem: There are all kinds of sites with pictures of “Wonder Woman” but I don’t want FDW to be one of them. Too cheesy, or cheesecakey. Not proper for FDW.
So here we have Obama sharing poster space with DiCaprio and Crowe. Trust No One. Deceive Everyone.
I know little about the movie, but the tag line caught my attention.
It isn’t “partisan politics” which makes me distrust Obama. If he were a Conservative Republican with the same hidden backstory, same lack of accomplishments, I would not vote for him, be boosting him for President. If he were the Republican candidate, I would go Independent or sit on my hands.
For what it’s worth, I’ve been asked by the local Republican leadership if I would be willing to make phone calls for John McCain. I would feel like a hypocrite, asking others to support someone I can barely bring myself to vote for. I have not donated a dime this election to the RNC. If they want my money, they need to promote better candidates.
But back to Obama. Imagine that he is wrapped in that golden lasso of Wonder Woman. Imagine that he must answer truthfully every question he is asked. I have a few, and if you want to play, add questions in the comment section.

“Senator Obama, are you a Socialist?”
“Have you been working to create a Socialist America, replacing our Democratic political system?”
“Would you seek to weaken the defenses of the United States, disarm our military to the point where we can no longer defend ourselves?”
“Have you been lying to the American people about your past and what you intend for the future?”
“Senator Obama, have you no shame?”

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