Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Petra The Vote

I can’t help it. The attraction/repulsion going on right now in my head. I’m sick of the politics, and yet am drawn to post about it, to detail McCain‘s victory over socialism.
This election is so Hideous as to be utterly fascinating, at least for six more days.
Like baseball, this is a game of anticipation-you’ve seen it all before, you know the score…but you can’t help but watch to see what happens next.
I think we’ve had three or four “October Surprises” which would have stunned the country in earlier elections…but with our present information overload barely have time to be acknowledged.
I missed Obama’s half hour of fun tonight, the infomercial of ‘Change’. Has he yet gotten around to humbly asking for votes? He does humble about the same way Hillary does funny.
I mention McCain’s victory over socialism. Actually, he’s the front man for those of us who consider socialism a threat to Democracy, who see Obama as a Socialist who would have attempted to ruin this country, if he were to win the White House.
As I’ve stated here and elsewhere: Obama doesn’t stand a chance of winning. There is no way that he will convince a majority of Americans that he would make a better President than John McCain, or even Kwame Kilpatrick.
Al Franken has a better chance of being chosen Pope than Obama does becoming President.
The Democrats deserved a better candidate, (so did we!), but were stuck, for the second straight election, with an untenable nominee. This is what happens when you allow the far Left to control your party. By the way-in case you haven’t noticed, the far Right has been kicked to the back of the bus in this election. We’re not in charge, which is why we have John McCain instead of a true Conservative about to become President. I’ll just be happy with the win-that and Norm Coleman defeating Al Franken. Too much to dream? Dream BIG, friends!
Wait, I’m not done yet!
Obama may have trouble retaining his Senate seat after the Federal Elections Commission investigates his campaign in tandem with the FBI looking into Acorn. It’s considered a strong possibility that RICO racketeering charges may be leveled at Acorn for nationwide voter registration fraud. Obama’s hands appear clean only because he has had to scrub scrub scrub away any possible connection to Acorn. Too bad for him that that relationship is well documented. {Hint-lies told on the campaign trail do not disappear once the election is over.}
Here are two words whispered, but never said aloud within the hearing of Obama:
‘Voter Apathy’.
He’s a magnificent orator, but when not speechifyin’ he’s as exciting as Larry King on a slow night. In McCain’s victory speech he should shout out to the youth of America who failed to vote for the 43rd election in a row. Also, McCain should thank the Clinton faithful who crossed party lines to vote with their heads instead of their hearts.

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