Friday, October 10, 2008

Trust Not In Chariots, Y’all!

This is just a short post (we all hope) as I have just a few spare moments, but I wanted to post about the latest fun day on Wall Street, where the Economic Elevator is heading to the basement.
It’s a bargain basement, friends. And there is nothing to fear, ever.
I’m just a lowly office worker, but I pay attention. Crisis usually cause stampedes, and there are many people reacting to this financial crisis by stampeding, getting out of the market, moving to government bonds which are ‘safe’ or looking into selling pencils or apples on the street while dodging falling financiers.
Simple short answer: Stay right where you are and things will get better.
I hear a lot of people worrying about this financial mess; I trust in God, not markets, not banks or credit unions.
God is eternal, this world isn’t, so why worry? Unless, of course, you have rejected God-that might mean that it is indeed time to panic.
But it is better to have faith. We people of faith sleep better and laugh more. And our treasure awaits us in Heaven, where, thank God, it is beyond the ability of Government to tax or declare “windfall profits”.
Let not your hearts be troubled, friends. God is in His Heaven, and all is right with the world.

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