Tuesday, October 07, 2008

David Lynch Ain’t Got Nothing On Me

Improper but not imprecise grammatically, the title of this post will hopefully become understandable in a moment. Which moment when for you?
David Lynch the filmmaker is an artist exploring the verb of duality, the artifice of art as it is involved in the real of reality. Even he may not know what his movies are about, but he knows how they make him feel, he knows how he reacts to what he has done as a filmmaker.
If he were a Christian, Lynch would have an entire new duality to explore, which bring us to the subject of this post.
In the world, but not of it. We are born here in sin; some of us are granted citizenship of Heaven through the work of Jesus Christ; but we are still living here, which makes us aliens on our own former shores. Here’s where the debate never abates:
What is it to be so earthly minded as to be no Heavenly good? We’ve heard the example used of a stained glass salt shaker-we are the salt of the earth, but we do no good at all if we stay in the shaker. We are intended to be out and about, mixing in the world although not becoming ‘worldly’, as when the salt loses its flavor, becoming good for nothing but to be trampled underfoot.
It is possible for good Christians to hermetically seal themselves off from the world. Not just Amish groups of families, either. With Christian home schooling, only playing with like minded Christian kids, going to a Christian college, becoming a Christian pastor/teacher/worker/store owner/admin/salesperson/etc. a Christian can go through their entire lives separated from the world. I am not mocking or picking on such Christians: if that is the path God has set for you, Praise God!
But such a Christian may not understand me, or the path I have been set on.
I am more worldly than some of my brethren and sistren. To them I may seem TOO worldly.
Have I been corrupted by the world? Read on.
I used to visit in a church that held that going to movies was too worldly. I’ve mentioned this before: it was a Big Deal when we went, against church regulations, to see “Chariots Of Fire” in a movie theater in the company of our pastor. We also were not supposed to ever play cards, according to that church…even though I played card games with one of the elder members most Saturday nights.
I have struggled with sin just the same as every child of God does. I have known the Blessings of God and His Grace, just as we all do who are called by His name. But I also am comfortable in this world in way which some will not understand. I not only know who David Lynch is, but I enjoy some of his work.
The duality we all struggle with: physically living and working here while awaiting the move to our true home in Heaven works itself out differently for each of us. I remain salt in a world that needs salt. I don’t worry about losing my flavor, or favor with God, as I feel that I am where He wants me to be, doing what He wants me to do. I haven’t nearly got all of the answers, but I am comfortable with the questions.
During my seven year sojourn in the desert of Las Vegas I never went to church, and did nothing for God’s kingdom. That ‘dry spell’ where I hardly prayed or opened the Bible is a part of my path, too. I don’t know why I ran from God, but I know that He has never been thwarted in any way, and eventually I returned to fellowship.
Have I been corrupted by the world? No-the world has been improved because God has left me here to improve it. I am in no more danger of losing my Salvation than I am of growing another arm or head.
We CAN lose our sanctification, which brings about the struggle of natures, which we fight every day.
I want to always be moving closer to God, be sanctified, but I often fail. I don’t blame the world for seducing me-that blame rests on me. But Praise God for His mercies never fail, His forgiveness happens more often than the seventy times seven squared into Eternity.
Friend, whatever path God has set you on, vaya con Dios. If He sets you making tents and preaching, or keeps you a simple fisherman, or an office worker slaving over a warm computer…go with God.

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