Monday, March 03, 2014

70 Years A Slave Nation

Short and sour-already, before the world has a chance to catch its breath from being rocked back on its heels by the invasion of Ukraine...Russia is already demanding surrender.
Ukraine, the Baltic states, Poland-who will be safe from Russia's over-reach?
Hitler claimed that he needed to protect Germans living in Sudetenland from oppression/subjection by non-Germans.
Russia is supposedly looking after the interests of  Ukrainians of Russian descent who are somehow living in mortal fear of Ukrainian non-Russians. The big meanies!
China just gave Russia it's blessing-big shock there, right? I'm thinking that this coup has been in the works for quite a while. Russia didn't just ring up China after the Olympics and say, "Brothers-we must act to protect our Russian population being held prisoners in Ukraine! If it's okay with you, we will go and rescue them!"
This couldn't all be a dirty trick to take over countries which earned medals in the Olympics just to boost Russia's count, could it?
"Your Gold is now OUR Gold!"

At the collapse of the USSR former satellite states had to fend for themselves, learn to build their countries. They have done quite well, but now we realize that Russia was merely fattening them up to consume them again.
As I write these things, I recognize the problem that many in our country will have to contend with-Liberals may have to agree with me, with 'my' side against the Communists they have always admired.
It was easier to demonize Hitler, as he was some kind of right winger, right? (Wrong. Leftist to the rotten little core of where his heart should have been.)
But Putin? Why would such a lovely guy start such a horrible war?
The former Soviet Union was never a collective of like minded states. They were slaves. 70 some years they were in subjection to the Russians who ruthlessly ruled not by the ideal that all men are 
created equal, but that the State above all.
Pray for Ukraine. We are watching history, and it is a rerun.

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Doug said...

These are indeed dark times for the free states which were once in subjection to the USSR.
President Obama is less than useless.
My hope is that when John Kerry arrives in Kiev, he will win the day with diplomacy.
I'm sorry-sarcasm doesn't always come across clearly in print. He is as useless as President Obama. Neither Kerry nor HClinton won the Sec State gig through their being qualified-it was a political appointment, pure and simple.
I am so grateful to God that He has promised us a better home, which we will someday see.