Friday, March 14, 2014

Eli5 to you, John? Okayfine

See the lady.
Her name was Irma.
She was mean.
She helped run concentration camps for Hitler.
She tortured and killed people, and loved doing bad things.
How old was she when she was captured, tired, convicted and hanged?
Why am I writing about this bad lady?
Right now the US Secretary of State John Kerry has delivered an ultimatum to Russia to back off from Ukraine by Monday or there will be "harsh sanctions".
Harsh sanctions?
Irma Grese would have had John Kerry crying like a baby inside of two minutes... and he thinks his
talking tough to Putin and Russia will somehow win the day?
She was evil, a true believer in the Nazi cause. She died a true believer.
Kerry couldn't dominate a marshmallow while holding it over a roaring fire.
I would have believed Irma Grese if she had threatened me.
Kerry? Miss-step number 295,678 by the Obama Administration.
(I don't think Russia will blink.)

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Doug said...

Eli5, for those not in the know, is internetspeak for:
Explain it like I'm five.

Also good to know, though I don't hope to ever see it in the comment section here:

TL;DR which means:
Too long; didn't read.

As for the foreign policy fiasco on the horizon for Monday-John Kerry isn't fit for any government job, and only got the Sec State post because HClinton wanted time to distance herself from the Obama Administration before she {might} run for President. It is a political appointment, not one earned by being qualified for the job.
S'all right-God will take care of business just as He always has, in spite of the worst efforts of man to fix the problems that Man creates.