Monday, March 31, 2014

Too Much Competition

I don't usually attempt relevancy but it will be April Fool's Day, and the smarty-pants low hanging fruit brigade will be jape-ing and tricking all across the Interwebs and why shouldn't I join in?

Personally, I think April fool's traditions derive from those of us who have been "tricked" or fooled by Mother Nature who has made us believe that Winter is over...until we intake breath for that first sigh of relief and discover we have taken in a mouthful of snow. Spring? ZAP!!!WINTER!!!!

But fools. I was commenting at another site today about the Vegas legend of Colonel Tom Parker, the boss of Elvis, seen in his later years, night after night plugging coins into slot machines, pulling the idiot stick on the side.
He should have had more money than any one-percenter you could mention, and there he was, keeping the casino doors open by contributing.
Why do people gamble?
Why do people cheer for sports teams?
Why do people choose "American Idols" or "Survivors" to champion?
Why do people back a long shot?
Because, even if it's only for a moment or a day, they want to feel like winners.
It's a sad comment on our culture that we have to seek vicarious victories through game shows
or sporting events to not feel like losers.
The truly sad do as Colonel Parker allegedly did, throwing their retirement into gambling machines.
Do you know the average top jackpot of most electronic gaming machines? One thousand dollars. Just a high enough goal to seem within reach for the average gambler-he or she may not think they could hit a BIG payday, but $1000.00 seems possible. And there goes the rent.
"Las Vegas was not built on the backs of Winners." -Ray S.
Next time you go to buy a couple of scratchers, ask yourself if you wouldn't rather have a cup of coffee. Restraint and wisdom can make you a winner irregardless of 'feelings'.
"Gee Doug," you might slyly mention-"you sure seem to know a lot about gambling."
That's why I don't gamble. I am a winner in Life, because of what Christ did on my behalf.
Although I do have 'favorite' baseball teams, I don't paint myself in their colors and my self esteem is not tied to their win/loss record. I just enjoy the sport.

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Doug said...

Once again one of these posts has gone in a different direction than intended. Double your money back if dissatisfied.