Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Burfday Webso

Yah yah ARPA/DARPA. The gentleman pictured above is  Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who invented
a wonderful, beautiful thing called the "World Wide Web" 25 years ago.
He appeared on reddit today doing an 'Ask Me Anything' web que and ai, and it was intreresting
to hear from a pioneer who established a trail on which we all still journey.
Going back, I've only been on the WWW for 14 years-I bought my first computer in 2000 after
a few years of watching "Tech TV/ZDTV" on the satt dish. I soaked in as much information about
computers as I could while saving towards my first purchase, a Compaq 20G model from
I now have three working computers and a PS3 and a "smart TV" all networked to venture out onto
the WWW for my education and enjoyment.
I appreciate what Sir Berners-Lee has done for humanity; this WWW integrated world in which we live is still taking baby steps. 25 years from now the world might see 'OUR' WWW as
archaic as Civil War pictures.
Here's a thought: when Christ returns and rules the world from Jerusalem, if there is any WWW left,
if we still have web browsers and sites and stuff...I'm thinking that they will be God honoring, as all of the world will honor and pay tribute to Christ.
No porn. No websites idolizing celebrities. No factious hate-mongers spewing vitriol via the Web because we will all be living under His rule. His Rule. 
There will be no need for parental controls, no malware or virus attacks-there is much good possible on the WWW and I hope that it will still be available in the Millennium. I would miss dog/cat pictures.
It just occurred to me that I might not be writing blogs then. That would be fine, as I know that our existence will be Praising God and, although I can do that on the WWW...I would prefer to worship and praise God in His Presence. I will happily give up FDW and FerDW for that opportunity.
But that is future. Today, 25 years into the WWW, I add my 'thank you' to millions of others whose
lives have been impacted by the work of Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Thanks muchly.

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Doug said...

In case I am once more too outre for the living space, the title "Burfday
Webso" points up another element of the WWW-spelling/meaning of words is being fracted and corrupted.
Language is an agreed upon defi of terms and ideas-if red means red to you and to me, we agree that red is red.
The WWW brings together so many cultures and languages that the Babel effect causes us to have to agree on new and possibly opposing ideas of what means what.
Take the word "Free".
A Muslim sees himself as 'Free' and considers all non-Muslims to be slaves to sin.
I see myself as 'free' because Christ has made me free and I am no longer enslaved to anyone.
My Muslim friend and I use the exact same word to describe ourselves, and to differentiate our lives from others.
On the WWW we haven't yet had cultures/groups in 100% agreement as to the meaning of words we have in common. We still Babel on.
What say you? Please use concepts and words that I can understand.