Thursday, March 20, 2014

Now It's Getting Personal

I know that I seem very focused on current events in these posts, but these are stressful times, historic times, and this is my time, my generation. I touch and am touched by what happens around me-if I see problems, injustice, wrong being committed...I will yammer on.
Back in 2001 I asked my Lithuanian friends what it was like to grow up in a country that had just recently broken away from the Soviet Union. They told me that their parents had a very rough time of it, once the Baltic states had won their freedom, but that they, the first free generation, had never known Communist rule.
News today reports that Vlad Putin, having secured part of the Ukraine, is now turning his attention towards some few Russia-loving partisans in Estonia who are being discriminated against.
Let's call sturgeon eggs by their name: Putin wants to rebuild the USSR, and right now the world is too weak to stop him. Any pretense that Putin uses to invade countries are mere echo's of Hitler's
desire to build a thousand year Reich.
And now my friends are in peril. This is unjust. This is wrong. Stay tuned.

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Doug said...

As sparks fly upwards, Man will always act up and the farther cultures get away from Christianity, the more legalistic and evil they become.
There is no Mercy or Grace in the plans that Putin has for the world.
He's not concerned about Russian partisans in Crimea or Estonia.
He wants POWER. The laughable thing is that his personal power ends at his death, just like everyone else.
May God Bless this world which looks to the soon return of Christ, Who will cast down every prideful being.