Thursday, March 27, 2014

Job Interview

...joined in progress:
Pope:  Well, Mr. Obama, your resume was very illuminati...I mean interesting-it
looks as if you have nearly brought your country to the brink of disaster, in just a few short years.
Obama: Thank you, your Grace.
Pope: We looking for a world leader who can captivate the entire global population, 
a Man who can be all things to all peoples-for our Muslim brothers the 12th Madhi, to the 
Buddhists the reincarnate Buddha, for the atheists simply a Man who can wipe out any thought of God.
Do you feel that you are up to that challenge?
Obama: Well, Pontiff, I...{drones on about himself for 35 minutes}...and I am also a {75 more
minutes} and am but a humble servant.
Pope: Riii-ght. Well, we will be seeing a few more candidates and are looking to make a decision
by the end of the month. Do you have any questions for me?
Obama: Just one. Will there be any opportunity for advancement?
Pope: Not really. I'm afraid that Anti-Christ tops out the pay scale. Thanks for coming in today.
Obama: Thank you, your Grace.
Pope: You're welcome, Mr. Obama; oh-as you leave, could you send Mr. Putin in?

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Doug said...

Just a bit of levity-I don't believe that President Obama is the Anti-Christ. Neither is Putin.
One of the attributes of the coming Anti-Christ is that he will be a powerful world leader, in which case President Obama can be ruled out.
I figure that right now the world sees
President Obama much as we view Joe Biden: a fool with too much power and too little sense who can be manipulated by someone pulling the strings on his vanity and ego.
Will there be an Anti-Christ with a big "A"?
Will the world be taken in by him?
Will he win?
Not one iota of a microbe bit.
God wins. God has Won. And all of the world will be Blessed.